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October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

I haven't yet mentioned the wonderful birth of Kale which happened on the 24th. He's now a week old, and a beautiful baby.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This is part of a new documentary put out by Alex Jones:

Fall Of The Republic (part 7 of 14)

October 21, 2009

It seems like this is turning into the Wednesday report; my last two posts were exactly 1 and 2 weeks ago.

Here is a soccer video I saw on youtube: ||||||

October 14, 2009

My computer is broke, so we're using Chelsi's as a replacement.

I just read an article about Kary Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry. The article relates the climax of DNA research with current thoughts on HIV/AIDS (although it was written in 1994, I think it is all still relevant today).

Click here to read: ||||||

October 07, 2009

Geoff Brown's 3rd video from New Zealand: ||||||

October 04, 2009

Mark Emery is now in jail awaiting EXTRADITION from Vancouver the United Sates. The U.S. went after him for selling marijuana seeds. FUCK the U.S. and fuck Canada; at least as far as their politics.